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Tenant Screening. Simplified.

The next generation of Tenant Screening has arrived! BCR Tenant Screening is a fully FCRA compliant, online Tenant Screening tool that is FREE for Landlords and Realtors®

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FCRA compliant | No set-up fees | No onsite inspection

Need to Screen Future Tenants?

As a Landlord or Realtor® you know the importance of screening Applicants. BCR Tenant Screening’s cutting-edge technology simplifies the process by providing a secure online platform for requesting and viewing an Applicants credit, criminal and eviction history. Our proprietary technology verifies each user and delivers best-in-class reports, providing the tools you need to select the best possible tenants. Oh yeah, did we mention it’s completely FREE for Landlords or Realtors®?

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Need to Review & Share Your Reports?

If you've shopped for a rental property recently you know that everyone wants to see your credit report and score… before you know if you’re getting the property. And each time someone else pulls your credit through the traditional screening process for a rental application, it can potentially affect your score. When you use BCR Tenant Screening you purchase and view your credit report and score and chose who to share it with. Additionally, we help protect your identity by not displaying social security or account numbers on the reports your share. You can share a report up to 30 days from purchase.

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Tenant Screening Has Never Been Easier

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  • View your credit report and score*
  • View someone's credit report and score*
  • View someone's criminal background check
  • View someone's eviction report
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  • Free

How It Works
BCR Tenant Screening revolutionizes Tenant Screening by putting the Applicant (Consumer) in control. Whether requested by a Landlord or initiated by the Applicant themselves, the consumer reports are paid for by the Applicant. This results in a 'soft' inquiry that doesn't hurt an Applicants credit score and makes the credit report and score viewable to the Applicant.

Sharing the Reports
Through BCR Tenant Screening the Applicant's consumer reports are shareable to Landlords or Realtors® who need access to the reports. These best-in-class credit, criminal, and eviction reports provide the insight needed to properly screen Applicants and make informed leasing decisions.

BCR Tenant Screening uses 256-bit military grade encryption to ensure all information is stored and shared securely. Additionally, all parties have their identities verified through the credit bureau during the initial account creation. This allows BCR Tenant Screening to deliver reports without social security or account numbers, protecting Applicants and Landlords.

Credit Sharing Has Never Been Easier

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